Cultivating Creativity

At 1771 Philadelphia Glass Works, we work globally while staying committed to the community of innovators who make our products. We understand the connection between artists and the luxury marketplace, while recognizing the barriers between talent and manufacturing capabilities.

1771 Philadelphia Glass Works creates an environment where designers can collaborate, experiment, and have access to the materials that will allow them to produce professional quality, luxury goods on a large scale.

Located in our 12,000 square foot studio warehouse, our Research and Development team works alongside artists in a state-of-the-art glass and metal shop. Artists are given access to the tools, materials, and facilities to make their designs a reality.

By employing the same services and resources used for our private label brands, we take designers to market from R&D to retail success.

We at 1771 Philadelphia Glass Works honors the same tech- niques and traditions that made the brand world-renowned. All our products are proudly designed and produced by talented artisans in America.

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