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Our hand-blown hollow beads are hand-torched and hot shop (furnace) made glass beads. These exquisite glass baubles are inspired by earth and sea life forms. Our hand-torched and hot shop glass beads showcase organic textures and pearly shimmering finishes creating wearable art forms that give the essence of nature’s beauty.

Our hand-made beads are our furnace made glass bead line. They are inspired to be jewelry from a candy shop. Swirls of radiant colors shine through in these candy-like, furnace glass beads. Every bead goes through a laborious process making each bead unique with its own personality.

Bel Vetro beads are our Italian inspired lines and are proudly designed by artists in the U.S.A and produced in the U.S.A.

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Bel Vetro Hand-Blown Hollow

Bel Vetro Hand-Made Furnance

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